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Data Should Be Unified and Actionable, Not Stuck in Silos

A Unified, Actionable 360 View of Data

A Unified, Actionable 360 View of Data

Organizations want a clear, up-to-date picture of their data so they can make informed business decisions. This means integrating data into a unified, actionable 360 view—whether it is a 360 view of customers, financial trading data, HR data, media content, or anything else.

Data Is Stuck In Silos

Today, getting a 360 view of data is near impossible. Data is spread across disconnected databases and data integration lags the speed of business. Data silos eat up resources, slow down decision making, and cause projects to fail.

The Cost of Data Silos

Wasting Time and Money

Each year billions of dollars and countless hours are spent integrating data from silos. And yet the result of those efforts is often unsatisfactory. Data is contradictory, difficult to reconcile and harmonize, or incomplete and lacking key metadata.

Relational Databases With ETL Are Not Working

Organizations are stuck in endless cycles extracting, transforming, and loading data to and from relational databases that require pre-defined schemas. Those legacy databases are not agile enough to handle today’s data, which is big, fast, varied, and changing.

Why RDBMS aren't working

A Database That Integrates Data Better, Faster, With Less Cost

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